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Just compare the statistics on each component. Set bonuses are nice extras but the qualities of the individual items are what relay matter.

So what should you be looking for?

Engines that are efficient at medium power levels are generally a better choice then those that are so at high or low levels. This is because most of us will have our engine power approaching medium, as a result of our captain skills, Even when we have manualy set them to the minimum level.

If for some reason you didn't chose skills that enhance your engine power levels or if you have some reason to run with higher then minimum power levels you may wish to make a different choice. But for most people the MACO engines are going to be the best choice.

Shields with high capacity or high regeneration are nice. But unless you are specifically looking to maximize your passive shield regeneration rate the MACO Resilient Shield is widely acknowledged to be the best shield in the game.

Unlike most common knowledge there is merit to this. The majority of your shield regeneration will usually come from active abilities. The 10% reduction of all incoming energy damage maximises the value of every individual point of shield capacity.

Deflector arrays are all about buffing your captain skills. Many people make the mistake of equipping the highest MK purple deflector they can find without considering weather the skills it enhances are ones they even use.

Once again the standard MACO set piece stands out. All but two of the skills it buffs will be useful to any ship build. The two exceptions being: 'Graviton Generators' which is only useful if you use tractors, gravity wells, the heavy graviton beam or a couple of universal console abilities. And 'Shield Emitters' which is only useful if you use transfer shield strength, rotate shield frequency, science team or extend shields.

The Reman Deflector should only be considers on ships built around disabling subsystems and holding enemies. The adapted MACO deflector offers bonuses to a range of different science abilities.

The Omega Deflector is worthy of note for its targeting systems bonus. If you are building a ship to maximize DPS at the expense of all else then this is the only set deflector that should be on your consideration list. However such a ship may not have much use for starship sensors, graviton generators or particle generators. This can be a very nice choice for a Vesta, Nova or intrepid, but ships with only two science abilities may wish to go with the MACO deflector instead.

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