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02-02-2013, 02:32 PM
Point of irritation: someone at Cryptic thought it would be a good idea to resolve the Undine situation that precipitated the need for the Empire to stage a massive intervention to save the Feds from invasion...

...In a magazine.

this means ZERO progress in the game toward actually resolving the war, at least, storyline wise.

Basically it's become a dead issue in terms of storytelling. (not that the Undine missions at the 45-50 levels weren't already lame enough on KDF side-phoned in, blech.)

It would be rather nice if they announced that the blinking and hiding it in a magazine story wasn't canon to the game, then gave us some kind of know, proper ending that makes sense?? before declaring everyone gets to sing Kumbaya in universal brotherhood.

Of course, that would require building a storyline based on the material we already have-given the clumsy and ill-thought-out handling of the whole New Romulus missions (chasing bunnies and collecting rocks, REALLY?? Flower arranging?? WHUT??)

For the existing material to lead to a Fed/Empire peace, the Federation would have to in-character and in-game acknowledge that the Empire was RIGHT about the Undine Threat, There would need to be Fed missions cleaning out Infiltrators and KDF missions where we're actually uncovering/pursuing/destroying them, there would need to be some joint anti-undine missions, the Undine would have to be beaten back into their Fluidic Space box...

Because the Empire didn't go to war for territory, the war was always about rescuing the Alpha Quadrant races from a shape-shifting, telepathic, honorless and hostile invader that was suborning local governments with intent to destroy our abiity to fend off external threats.

The Feds were just the Proxies in the war against this invader. Much like the hostilities precipitated when only Klingon Intelligence realized that the Dominion had infiltrated the Cardies and was prepping them as a base in a war of conquest. (see: DS9, in the lead-up to the outbreak of the Dominion War).
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