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Originally Posted by ryan218 View Post
OOC: Oh come on. If you prefer, I'll tone down the Iconians.

Better yet, you do it. Dorowa is obviously in a higher position than Taragi, so have him call Taragi off. I'd rather keep you around and get rid of Taragi than get you leaving and have to find a way of doing this with only two people. Especially since your characters have such importance in this story by this point.

Besides, you practically started this thread. It's a known fact I made the Iconians overpowered, and it means it makes sense that one Federation Starship would be outmatched.

We could ret-con the Gateway thing if you want (even I think that makes them slightly too overpowered) and go back to the battle. I think it'd be nice to see how that goes.
OOC: Okay lets see how that goes. Besides I actually had a couple trick up my sleeve.

*The Iconian vessels soon bring down on the Republic but the gateway re opens with the veil ripping it open and the souls of the dead appear and hold it open.*

*The Odyssey zips out in dramatic fashion. Using what appears to be the willpower of James alone *

James: Did you seriously think that would work on me Dog? Wax since we are now in range signal it in now. *They approach the vessel firing on the structural weak points as SIRI starts interrupting the Iconains but only enough to give the bits time to burrow in and start firing like machine guns inside the ship before exploding*

*Iconian vessel off the side of the other watches in horror as the vessel soon starts exploding and the Federation vessel rips through a sort of blue Omega beam shield over it *