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Sam: Copy that.

Ops, signal the Neilson. Lets ring their doorbell.

*The Republic and the Neilson fall away from the fleet and begin letting their ZPCs rip on the lead Iconian Ship. The Iconians' shields begin to drain.*

Taragi: How are they--?!

Sensors: They are using some form of Zero-point weaponry against us!

Taragi: Sil'ra!

Fall back! We'll await orders from Dorowa.

*The Iconian Fleet drops out of warp. Sam hails the Odyssey as the Republic and Neilson rejoin the fleet.*

Sam: Alright, lets go! We shouldn't press our luck!
James: *Regaining himself* Copy that I agree we need to update our technology . Have crews recover what we can from the wreckage.. Then lets high tail it out to the rendezvous point.