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Originally Posted by inktomi19 View Post
The Patrol Escort, Escort Retrofit, and Aquarius Destroyer don't have any unique consoles or abilities either. The only advantage any of those ships has over the JHAS is a second science console, and two of the three start with far weaker shields (.72 modifier) so they need that science slot to have even adequate protection. Other than that, none of those ships has any advantage over the JHAS.

Even if you dropped the JHAS' ridiculous turn rate to 17, it's easily better than any of the ships which don't have a special console.

The only fed escorts which have a special console are the Defiant, and the MVAE.

Compared to the JHAS, the Defiant has slightly less hull and shields, and one fewer engineering console but one more science console, which would add up to it being a slightly weaker ship. In the Defiant's favor, it can cloak (if it gives up a console slot). But the Defiant has by far the worst BOff arrangement on an escort -- bad enough that many players will choose a Patrol Escort over it.

If you imagine there is no JHAS for a second, many players are willing to give up the Defiant's cloak to avoid it's bad BOff setup (not to mention the players who already run Defiants without the cloak to avoid losing that console slot). The JHAS, even at 17 turn rate, would be a better ship than either a Patrol Escort or a Defiant, so it would be an even better alternative to a Defiant with a cloak. So the JHAS is already compensated for not having a cloak available.
Exactly why it is in need of a nerf.
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