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James: *Regaining himself* Copy that I agree we need to update our technology . Have crews recover what we can from the wreckage.. Then lets high tail it out to the rendezvous point.
Sam: James, we don't have time! Those Iconian ships are between us and the debris. Our Iconian friends will help us with advancing our tech later!

We're setting course for Beta Stromgren, Warp 25. Think you can keep up?

*David facepalms.*

Helm: Sir... the Odyssey can make Warp 30.

Sam: Err...

*Clears throat.*

How fast is the slowest ship?

David: Warp 28.2. They won't be able to maintain it for long.

Sam: What's their cruising speed?

David: Warp 26.

Sam: Then make our speed Warp 26.

James, you'd better pull ahead of the fleet and join our formation. Your ship has better sensors than ours.
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