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Originally Posted by alonar View Post
My problem is that the main quest log is not advancing past Saves (More Than) Nine, the in mission log however does advance. If I keep doing the whole mission, when I get back to the present and have the option to scan, the mission log reverts to "Go to Tholian Base". It is only happening on a few of my chars. I had at first thought it was because they were CStore, but I had a custom alien race do it too. I also tried running it multiple times (about 15 on one char), and dropping and retaking it, and still no go.
Had the same problem. Explained exactly what I did in this thread to finally get it to complete:

My best guess is that it was the waiting 15 minutes to scan the anomaly at the end. It could be connected to not asking about their specialties, but I find that less likely. Anyway, all the other stuff people have said they've done did not work for me.

Hope this does for you.
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