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Originally Posted by starcommando101 View Post
you still dont get it do you... the bug is op. look at the comments before you, come up with a valid argument to explain to me without calling me or anyone a noob or nooblet or any variation of noob and THEN come back and respond. and I said of EQUAL skill, obviously bug captains of great skill, or any great captain knows their strength and weaknesses and prepared for that before hand.

I have both the JHAS and the fleet tactical escort retrofit, I use the first on a klingon toon and the second on a fed one... both characters have the same traits and very similar skill.

the better turn rate of the JHAS helps in 1 vs 1 scenario; a many vs many scenario is very different and the JHAS pay its worse shield.

I think that isn't the bug ship too strong, but the fed ship disadvantaged by it's boffs layout... In pvp the best build for an escort is IMHO only cannons based (no torpedoes) for a greater alpha strike, so 3 tactical station (like in the fed ship) are a waste...
The best BOFFs layout is the one with a cmd tactical station, lt cmd tactical station, a lt sci station, a lt eng station and a sci or eng ensign station. This layout let you have 2 TT, 2 CRF, 2xAPO and 1 APB or APD, plus sci and eng abilities to buff/heal shield and regenerate the hull. in pvp you do not need others tactical abilities... this is why the 3 tactical station of the tactical escort restrofit are (IMHO) a waste.

On more thought: in pvp weapons, consoles and doffs are very very important... there is one reason why my JHAS is more dangerous than my FTER and that reason is the 4x
DHCs [acc]x3, 3xturrets [acc]x3, purple consoles... everything is MK XII and yes, I payed a lot, lot, lot of EC to buy the JHAS, weapos, consoles and doffs. The fed toon has good consoles and weapons, but not so good.