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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
if all you did up to level 50 was pve, well sorry it didn't teach you how to play correctly. infact it proboly gave you bad habits. it even continued rewarding you even though you may have had an extreamly bad build. but thats pve for you, things are different when you actually fight ships your on equal terms with.

check out the boot camp sub forum, theres a link to it on the top of the pvp forum section. i also have a large help thread sticked here too, its got general information and nice simple cheap to make builds to use wile you learn to actually play the game. and quite a few more advanced expensive builds with lots of min/maxing and expensive doff requirements.

if you have fun in the space pve, and like the basic game play, you will love it even more once you become competitive in pvp

And you really might want to focus on your patrol escort first -- running APO 1 and 3 will do a lot to keep you out of character control, as well as helping you maximize the escort's inherently high defense. There are gaps, but it's easy enough to fill those with evasive maneuvers and engine batteries. Basically if you run the build in Hilbert's guide in the Boot Camp section you can stay free of CC long enough to have a bit of fun.

The spam and cheese will still be there, but you can zip in and out of them with some practice.