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Taragi: The Odyssey destroyed one of my ships in seconds, and my own vessel was threatened by two Republic Battleships utilising Zero-Point Energy Weapons! We had no choice but to fall back.

They're still in sensor range, I can still follow them from beyond their scanner range.

*OOC: Something I think would be a good idea would be to have Dorowa take command of the Iconian Fleet himself with Taragi acting as his Second in Command.*
*OOC: I was thinking of a certain scene in The Fifth Element but with a non fatal twist.*

Dorowa: *Facial muscles twitching more..* You are telling me that a Federation starship that barely has any defenses against us destroyed one of our ships in seconds.. That 2 republic vessels forced you to fall back when you had superior fire power and numbers.

When I am disappointed I really do mean it and I don't want it to happen again.. We are Iconain not some tiny school girls that wet themselves in the presence of scary things.