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Taragi: Sir, the situation was much more complex than that. The Federation Vessel reopened a Gateway we'd already sealed, and showed more firepower than we could handle! The Republic Vessels were not the major threat but they had my vessel outnumbered 2-to-1 at a time when my fleet was threatened by a far superior foe! It was retreat or die, but I promise you, I shall not underestimate them again!
Dorowa: I know it won't *taps a key and two synthesizer security guards hold Taragi down. And start punishing him for his failure. brutally.*

Grab hold of your nether regions! You had Newtype jammers on and I know they were wearing down the user.. No newtype can last longer than that no matter his power. You know that the Captain of that ship is a powerful newtype even if he is dying.

I bet he could not do it again if you were doing your job appropriately Commander.

The Odyssey was not a threat after that.. He played you like a harp Commander..

As for the gateway did you not think that the Diadect betraying the ones of his own kind the other guardians would not help?

That is why I am not killing you.

*taps another key and the torture stops.*

As of right now I am taking command from your Taragi. You will be my second in command, and demoted from Commodore to Captain.