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02-02-2013, 02:58 PM
1. First of all, you have to define what "peace" means in game when asking this?

2. Spock: "J'mpok, the Chancellor of the High Council traded diplomacy for the tip of a blade. Only in battle, J'mpok says, is a Klingon trully a Klingon."
J'mpok says this over many times in the game. I do not see any way for peace while he's the Chancellor. We can have a Klingon FE that revolves around the Klingon politics and the Great Houses that would lead to J'mpok's demise. That way we can get rid of the Duras and his Romulan care bears once for all in STO. Maybe the nex chancellor would be diplomatic. War is over, but KDF players get a nice FE explaining why. That'd be ok.

3.My personal opinion - we should stay at war. Maybe it's just me, but everyone being at the same side just doesn't seem quite natural for me in a MMO. Any game needs more diversity and I'm afraid that if the only two factions in game are at peace and have the same cause it's going to become even more stale.

4.And finally, the war is not about the Undine any more. It is still a big part, but has grown into something much bigger than that. The KDF & Fed. fleets clashed when KDF was trying to invade Romulan space. Martok and Worf were even blamed of having no honor and being Fed. puppets that lead the Klingon warriors to slaughter on purpose. This was the base for J'mpok's oportunity to claim the trone.
Klingons also announced that they're taking back their old territories form the Federation.
If I remember correctly, in DS9 Gowron told Sisko that even he as Chancellor can't end the war without the Klingons having a victory. So, unless some of those blue or green squares on the map turn red, I really don't see a logical explanation for peace. Not even the Iconians since even today KDF & Fed. are fighting the Borg togehter, but we're at "war".
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