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Originally Posted by babyfacez View Post
Hey DDIS, and hey everyone.

First I want to thank DDIS for coming up with the idea of this thread, really a wealth of info here for those like me who are just getting started with pvp and all.

So I queue for pug pvp quite often lately, and have used some of the sci builds here to good result (both ddis and rudiefix's wells and the rsv builds). But as much as I love flying the wells and the rsv, I seem to always end up thinking about the lrsv instead. Something about the boff layout just seems more attractive.

What would your take on the fleet lrsv or lrsv retro be like for a Sci? I would love to see a build that you would use on it.

i cant take all the credit, this is a continuation of other threads that was supposed to be more of a collaboration, but its sort of become my cross to bare lol.

luckily several others also contribute from time to time too. i think we all feel that the more knowledgeable and better prepared the player base is, the more fun we will all have. i would rather my opponent be challenging then a helpless sponge of my weapons fire
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