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02-02-2013, 03:14 PM
* Character moments then*

*The USS Odyssey C crew are relaxing from the fight and are in better spirits. Celebrating. too as they did the next to impossible.*

Wax: *Drinking the Bloodwine* We sent those Dogs to where they belong.

Texira: We sure did.

Damon: Sure we did. The Admiral is a hardcore BA.

Wax: The set on him would give even a Klingon woman pause.

James: *trying to enjoy the cheers* I wouldn't know about that as I never was stupid enough to try that. But those academy days though.. There was one Klingon Woman that tried to find out.

*The entire room burst out laughing*

Wax: I think it is time for some cards.

James: Oh? Still sore about losing that one match huh?

Wax: As a Klingon of course I am. *burp* and I want to try again and again..