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Originally Posted by zefreme View Post
can you pelase limit the amount of balloons those guns put out they are causing serious lag with me and a few others. I think every time they respawn they got to get reloaded or something. Please look into it...
You can't Fire guns on this website: and this thread is just for that website.

Bug 1: My Bridge Officer powers aren't "Arranged" properly so my the first power show isn't the power for Ensign Slots. If there is a way to Re order them in game.. Let me know. They are consistently arranged to 3rd 2nd 1st 4th Power slots.

Bug 2: Small Craft Does not show up at all. (I could be mistaken but I've not Taken My Roundabout (USS Latione) out for a while. In game, I was "on" my star ship. (Actually I was in the ESD bank, but If I beamed back, I'd go to the Cruiser USS Keiya.)

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