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02-02-2013, 03:20 PM
Originally Posted by broken1981 View Post
again with the doffs that make omega to global? thoes doffs are not the problem. people have been using 2x omega on escourts for how long?
What you quoted was one of many changes I listed including buffs to repair abilities and not the main point in my post. I didn't even suggest looking at it until other things had been done.

"Imo, the APO defense should be fixed to 5 second duration and the BAs procs need to be fixed. Sci shield stripping Boff powers need a boost. Then see how things are."

That said the old 2x omega builds != doffs that put APs at global builds.

effectively APO3x2+xtra LtCommander Tac Boff != APO3+ APO1

effectively APO3x2+APD1x2 +xtra LtCommander Tac Boff != APO3+APO1+APD1 (not that many people spent slots on 3 AP Boffs)

I'm not sure why acknowledging this is a big deal.