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Originally Posted by chrisedallen89 View Post
*OOC: Ok. I think it might be high time to cut to a time skip. Or close up with a character moments before tying it to the next year*
OOC: One moment. One last thing I want to do first.

*Chintoka System. The Federation Evacuation Fleet jumps to warp out of the system, heading past DS9 and through the Wormhole into the Gamma Quadrant.

R.S.S. Republic. Sam is lying down on the sofa in her quarters when she hears the door open.*

Sam: I only changed the lock code 3 hours ago.

Chief: It's 2520.

Sam: How did you...?

*She sits up, looking at the silhouette of the Chief standing in the doorway.*

Chief: They're the numbers I use.

Sam: Right, and why would those numbers be so important to you?

Chief: It's the year someone I care for a great deal was captured and twisted into a murdering shadow of their former self.

Sam: What...?

*She looks at him long and hard, curious.*

Who are you?

Chief: Drake wasn't the only one who could use clones. We just did something a little less criminal.

Sam: Who are you?

*She stands up.*

Chief: They used my DNA to repair all my body's cell damage. After that they just had to restart my synaptic systems.

*Sam walks over to him, now extremely cautious, and a little frightened.*

Sam: Who are you?!

Chief: You know.

*He takes his helmet off.*

Sam: Oh my...


Matt: Hey.

*Sam wraps her arms around him and kisses him.*

Sam: "Hey" yourself!

You know, by all rights I should hit you!

Matt: I wouldn't blame you.

So, what're you waiting for?

Sam: I didn't say I would.

Oh no, I have something much more painful in mind.

Matt: *Gulps* Really?

*Sam remains silent, smiling sadistically.*

Oh no. Oh no no. Are you seriously giving me the silent treatment?!

*Sam nods, before walking into her bedroom. Matt follows.*

Okay, I'm sorry, but when I woke up they gave me orders to keep away from you.

Sam: You're forgiven...

*She takes off her uniform jacket and throws it on the bed.*

This time.

Matt: So... er...

Sam: Yes?

Matt: You still need a First Officer?

Sam: No.

Matt: David?

Sam: He's more than qualified.

Matt: I know, that's why I told you to make him Third Officer.

Look, there has to be something I can do. There are plenty of postings around the fleet.

Sam: Talk with Ramez in the morning.

Matt: Why not right now?

Sam: Because we need to talk.

Matt: Talk?

Sam: Matt, I thought you were dead. Do you know how hard that was for me?

Matt: I was dead Sam.

*Sam stares at him.*

No, I don't.

Sam: I was heart-broken. I-- I...

Matt: What?

Sam: I killed someone Matt. It wasn't me but I...

Matt: Tell me.

Sam: Drake. Something used my body to kill Drake.

Matt: Well... nothing bad lost.

Sam: Matt!

Matt: I know, I know... you don't like killing in cold blood.

Sam: I nearly killed her.

Matt: Who...?

The Synthesiser.

Sam: She's the one who...

I don't wanna talk about it.

Matt: Sam, forget it. You don't need to tell me this.

Sam: You should call your family, let them know you're--

Matt: I did, when all this started.

Sam: Good.

*Sam and Matt both sit on the bed.*

Matt: So, what now?

Sam: I don't know.

Matt, I need you to know something.

Matt: Sam--

Sam: I love you.

I mean... more than you know. All that time I...

Matt: Sam, I already know. You couldn't get close, I realised that a long time ago.

Sam: Okay.

*Another moment of silence passes.*


Matt, I just need time to get this all straight in my head.

Matt: I understand.

*Matt gets up and starts walking out. Sam gets up and grabs his arm.*

Sam: Wait!

*Matt turns around.*

Don't go.

*Matt looks at the sadness and grief on her face, and hugs her as she buries her head in his chest.*

Matt: I won't.

Never again.

*OOC: Okay, done. I'll do the time-skip tomorrow, when my mind's not quite so worn.

See you at about 12:00 GMT.*

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