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Originally Posted by aesica View Post
I was away from this game for awhile, but decided to come back for some reason I can't really even understand. The first thing I'm noticing is that ship weapons are suddenly really hard to come by. The old borg requisition equipment is gone, and via the rep system, the only things that seem to be available are...romulan plasma weapons? Is plasma suddenly good now? I always remember it being the worst choice.

So am I right in assuming that the only way to get ship weapons these days are via missions (obviously not top-tier), the romulan plasma crap, or random drops/the exchange? Or the dilithium store?

I'm pretty disappointed. In missions, certain weapon types are easily available in many flavors (I hope you like beam arrays, rofl) while others (hai turrets) are practically nonexistent. Thankfully, ground weapons don't seem to have this problem.

So what's going on? How do you guys get your ship weapons these days?
I'll give it a shot. You are mostly correct though.

1) The Romulan plasmas aren't necessarily bad as they have the plasma dot proc and the disruptor proc, and consoles from the fleet Romulan embassies can give additional plasma dot procs on all energy weapons.

2) Another weapon source is high level fleets, but there are restrictions on the weapon types. Requires being in an high enough level fleet or arranging temporary membership to buy though. Not being an fleet person I'm not the best source of information on these.

3) Some of the lock boxes have new hybrid (double proc) weapons that you can get from them or off of the exchange (polarized disruptors, phased tetryons, and phased polarons).

4) Crafting (pretty much junk) and random weapons form some DOFF missions are also potential sources of weapons).

5) You can get the old MK X very rare weapons form Task Force Omega for dilithium also still.