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Our run of Cure from a couple weeks ago is now live!
1. At 1:14, 1:40, 2:04, what are Ferasians? Are these some sort of strange evolution of Ferocians?

2. At 3:15, that is the Shard of Possibilities! It creates 2 quantum copies of me, both of which have guns to help shoot Borg! They have saved my life more times than I can count!

3. At 5:50, well, I do so dearly love my ghost cane! It is one of my favourite weapons, especially against the Borg! Plus the extra few seconds buys some much needed time for my shield and health to regenerate. It is for these reasons that you see me use the cane quite a great deal!

4. At 10:00, the way to know if the shield is down is to see all of the green beams shut off. In addition, I always solo transformers 3-4, so I will say "Go!" or "Down!" in the chat box. Look for that.

5. At 19:00, I only play male characters because I have no intention of lying to the world. I am male, so I play male. That simple. Come to think of it, the ONLY game in which I have ever played female was The Sith Lords, and only because the Exile was canon female.

6. At 20:00, "Darth" is not a name; it is a title given to all Dark Lords of the Sith. It comes from the Massassi word meaning "Dark." And the "Vader" means "Father," So therefore, "Dark Father." Which of course, he was a horrid father figure to say the least. So there is your history lesson from the "Walking Star Wars Encyclopaedia," as I am known around FileFront Forums. ()

7. In my case, I did not join CatPhone until I joined the Ferasan Shadow Force. I only discovered it because it is listed in the Fleet Information page. For a bit of background, I discovered the fleet itself because of meeting Narill on Bajor before he stopped playing STO. The next day, I created a Ferasan. A few days later, Doc M'Vore encountered me at First City, and added me to the Fleet! So there are your credits!

8. At 24:00, don't worry about Pulsewaves. A great strategy is actually to have one person with a Splitbeam hide in one of the forcefield corners, where they will crouch and snipe Armek. From there, you are outside of Armek's weapon range, so you can kill him without having to worry about being one-shot-killed, or worry about the orbital strikes. The only thing to worry about is the shield domes pushing you into range of Armek's gun, which is why you need at least 1-2 people tanking him from up close, to keep the agro on them.

9. If you have Frosted Boots, you can run from the generators to Armek withut having to worry about the tediousness.

/end wall of text

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