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Originally Posted by chrisedallen89 View Post
*James pauses as the cards are being set up and dealt. *

Texira: *She stares at the empty seat..* Still can't believe Firie is dead...

*Wax is silent.. *

Wax: Nor can I believe that my people threw off the government for slavery...

My people committed treachery...

Damon: Nor that all that has happened has happened..

James: *bearing it as he can tell that they are trying to avoid the talk about Firie and about his condition.* Well.. It has happened folks.. All we can do right now is keep the people with us alive and well as best as we can.. We still have a hard road ahead...

*The door opens it is the guests.*
*David and John walk in, David carrying a bottle of Romulan Ale.*

David: The Captain sends her regards, and said for us to go easy on you if you start playing Poker. Demolishing you guys in a card game is her job.

By the way Admiral, she also asked me to remind you that you still owe her 30 credits from your last game.

John: She'd be here herself but... well with all that's happened she needed a good night's sleep.

*John's communicator chirps.*

One moment.

*John walks over to a silent corner and answers the communicator.*



Are you sure?


No, I'll tell him later. Thank you Lieutenant. Get some sleep.

*John rejoins the group.*

David: What was that about?

John: I'll explain later. Let's just say that I think sleep will be the last thing the Captain gets tonight.

David: Okay... I'm gonna try not to think about that.

*The pair sit down at the table.*

Deal us in Wax. The sooner we give you nightmares of losing to Poker, the better.

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