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02-02-2013, 04:09 PM
Given all the mission content thus far it all really points to a FED V KDF war which has run it's course if you can call it a full scale war. The 2 sides have had skirmishes in the past and 2409 isn't much different.

The Federation have enough problems and never wanted the war.

KDF admit that Iconian and Undine plus the Borg are really a greater threat than the Federation could be not to mention the Feklri.

Already a joint faction to fight the Borg.

Joint ops helping the Romulans and Remans neither using the Romulans to get one up on the other. The KDF previously invaded the Romulan Empire with Federation intervention which nearly caused a war there and then, now they work together.

The point of the war in the first place is completely outdated. It's all stems from Undine involvement and this is a repeat of the Changeling/DS9 scenario which the Fed and KDF had a spat over something someone else caused. They realised that they couldn't keep it up and should work together to weed out the real enemy.

Really the logical development of this story (which has happened in the tv shows) is there will be ceasefire/fragile truce although both sides will be weary/cautious and a few skirmishes might break out. Undine will try to undermine them but this in itself will reveal them. Just watch DS9 seasons 4-7 for what is a very similar storyline.