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# 18 Give cruisers some more speed
02-02-2013, 04:22 PM
I have long advocated giving cruisers more speed. (The fact that cruisers have big WARP nacelles has nothing to do with speed in a PvP space fight, that's the IMPULSE modifier, but presumably, big cruisers would have powerful impulse engines too, right?) I don't think that the base maneuverability of cruisers should be adjusted at all, however if their impulse modifiers were vastly increased, it could create a very interesting tactical situation. Similar, I think to the situation facing pirate raiders in the Caribbean in the golden age of piracy. Pirates had small, maneuverable ships... just great for staying away from the guns of the massive government funded ships of the line that they would attack. However, if one of those big ships of the line got her sails up and made a run for it, forget about it... the smaller ships just didn't have the sails to keep up. Cruisers should have this same tactical advantage in my opinion. If they find an open spot, and want to throttle up their engines and bug out, they should be able to outrun a pack of escorts. Or... if the tide turns their way and they wish to run down an unskilled escort that is just trying to fly away in a straight line (rather than zig-zagging), they should easily be able to do so. To sum it all up; I think that cruisers should keep their slow maneuverability and bad inertia ratings, but they should have their top impulse speed increased beyond escorts! Science vessels would seemingly work well in the "middle of the road" niche in both impulse speed and turn rate, so they should get a modest impulse boost.

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