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# 1 100 Lockboxes - Results
02-02-2013, 04:32 PM
100 Lockboxes, (cost 990,000 Dilithium for the keys, exchanging at 88:1) wanted a Jem?Hadar Heavy Escort Carrier. Didnt get it.

Did Get:

Purple Doffs: 3,
Bio Warheads 3 (but only needed 1).

Lobi: 405 (now only need to gring another mil for the jemmy),
8 ship weapons (but none as good as my current Mk xi - on the exchange soon).

Didnt need:
19 doff packs: lots of whites and greens, only three blues in the lot of them (gave all to a L7 character).
7 patrol escorts,
7 purple ground weapons.

Worthless junk:
76 dilithium claims,
and some other stuff that went straight in the recycler.

Back in a couple of months (with another mil),

Not the best return for a million dilithium.
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