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Originally Posted by oldkhemaraa View Post
I'm not sure we could actually tell the difference.

From a player PvP perspective the war is a joke. There is no "war goals" PvP or campain.
There is no territory or star systems changing hands. Basicly all the "war" is, is a story plot item that doesn't really seem to do a whole lot for the player experience.

Before peace, could we please actually have a war?

I'm Klingon where my war, I was told there was a war, and I showed up now where is it.. I WILL NOT BE CHEATED!
Agree fully!

More War, Please!

Screw the PVP queue bull****, too.

Let us lay waste to systems. Think bigger than Ker'rat.

Open Galaxy warfare now!


KDF-only STFs, too!

I hate being teamed up with feddies so much that I do not do STFs any more.

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