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02-02-2013, 06:46 PM
Here's a suggestion to kick things off.

How about a daily Diplomacy mission similar to the beginning of the mission "Second Wave" of the 2800 FE. (except not so long winded).

You have multiple contacts on DS9... Someone needs something and some one has something to trade, but these people don't exactly get along. So, you as the player act as a "Middle man" to reach a peaceful and fair agreement that suits both parties. It might take a little running around between about 3 or 4 contacts to get the job done but there would be a reward at the end.

You could pick the mission up from the Contact on the upper Promenade (Same contact that I spoke of above and which is already there and no longer in use aka Admiral Karebbah) and take it from there. The reward could be something along the lines of 100 Diplomatic XP, 50 Fleet marks and 480 Dilithium upon completion.

Such a mission would not only put a little more usefulness back into DS9 again since the Omega Rep change but also give the Tier 4 Diplomacy achievement purpose and reward also.

Again... it's just a suggestion off the top of my mind after only a few minutes thought! lol... Maybe some of you guys could come up with something better?

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