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02-02-2013, 07:49 PM
Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
The defiant is fine as it is... people asking for it to have a patrol escort setup are missing the point... if you want to fly a patrol escort fly a damn patrol escort.

The defiant is fine with the setup it has... you people need to think outside the box a bit more.

I PREFER my defiant setup over the patrol setup for many builds. If you want to fly an escort that still bursts and uses torps the defiant is the winner hands down.... Use doffs and keep ONE COPY of EPTS 2 up 100% of the time... and back it up with a 100% up EPTE 1... and you will be moving in that little guy... throw in some Omega goodness and it keeps up turn wise with most bugs... as not that many people put RCSs in there already good turning bugs.

Defiant is fine....
Patrol is fine...

Mostly the bug is fine as it is as well... it could loose 1-2 points of turn and I don't think anyone would have call to cry about it.
while i go agree with alot of what you do say, i tend to go against you on this. i can see why you say the defiant lay out is fine. but thoes days of doing 1 shot skills on a decloak with torps on crusiers are over. the basic setup of premades is 3 sci 2 tacts. to have a tact in cloak waiting for that kill will not happen. your hurting your team doing that. try that against turks, nova core, tsi or even sob will get your team killed. next is crazy talk if i ever heard it, doffs to reduce cd on eptx skills? first off it does reduce cd but not always. thats just asking to be killed. no sdo doffs? really? most basic doff lay out is 2 apd and atleast 2 sdo. i do know alot of people run 3. i dont i run 2. im still hoping that lazy nurse will start doing her job. btw alot of people run atleast 2 mk12 purple rcs consoles. the bug should have a base turn of 18, NOT 20.

for anyone to say i qq about the bug ship, maybe i do. but guess what i own it. why do i qq if i own it? because i want to play in my defiant. but to remain competitive in pvp i need to be in my stupid bug.