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02-02-2013, 07:51 PM
I checked out the site, both the main one and a few of the Duty Stations sites. Looks interesting.

I might try creating a character, and I'd definitely try for Starbase Horizon if I did. I won't bring in any of my STO Characters, though--while they will exist, they're busy having adventures in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

Instead, if I do join, I'd create a brand new character--most likely a Fighter Pilot testing out a new, experimental fighter design--the Messiah-Class Starfighter (heavily inspired by the VF-25 Messiah from Macross Frontier).

I'm still thinking about it, though--and I'll post here first if I do decide to join.

Well if you do I hope to walk with your character through the corridors of Horizon. Great group of people and we just ended our current plotline. Also, keep in mind that Star Trek Borderlands and STO have nothing in common what so ever. Both are different games with different playing styles.

It's nice to see you guys coming up with stuff too. Just keep in mind that not everything gets the green light and it all comes down to the chain of command. They have the real say on what is created and what not. At least to my understanding.