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Originally Posted by vancious23 View Post
Well if you do I hope to walk with your character through the corridors of Horizon. Great group of people and we just ended our current plotline. Also, keep in mind that Star Trek Borderlands and STO have nothing in common what so ever. Both are different games with different playing styles.

It's nice to see you guys coming up with stuff too. Just keep in mind that not everything gets the green light and it all comes down to the chain of command. They have the real say on what is created and what not. At least to my understanding.
I know they have nothing in common, but if I do join Borderlands, I'd at least have it so that they're in the same continuity, which is why I wouldn't use my STO Characters.

Like I said, though, I'm still thinking about it, and I'll let you know here first if I do decide to join. Also, how does the application process work? Do I apply on the main Borderlands Site first and then go apply on the Horizon Site? Do I simply apply on the Borderlands Site and request to join Horizon in my Comments? Or do I just apply on the Horizon Site?

If I decide to join, I'll need to know how to join.
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