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02-02-2013, 08:25 PM
Sorry to hear you didn't get the Escort Carrier. Assuming the loot table is structured similarly to the last one, the odds are about 1/276, so getting that ship is kind of a long shot unfortunately.

Your info however interests me for another reason - it provides a basis for evaluating the return on investment for the boxes.

Your input is 990,000 dil.

You got...

3 purple doffs (let's conservatively call those about 5 million EC each -> 4 keys -> 500 zen -> 44,000 dil at 88:1 exchange rate)
3 scaling item boxes (300 zen if precedent from the melee boxes hold -> 26,400 dil)
405 Lobi
8+7 weapons (equivalent to mk XI D-Store weapons; 22,620 dil each)
7 tier V non-console/non-ability ships (120,000 dil each) + 400 zen -> 35,200 dil for the costume unlock going by the pricing of the old ship costumes
19 doff packs (@ 500 dil each, assuming 1/2 size of 1000 dil doff pack = 1/2 price)
380,000 dil over 76 days from mining claims

If my math is right, that tallies to about 1.8 million dil out for 1.0 million dil in. The promised minimum rate of exchange is 1.4:1 so it sounds like you came out OK...

...except for the 500-pound gorilla which is the lack of control over what you get.

It sounds like the real moral of the story is: lockboxes actually do give you a better crystal-for-crystal rate of return on dilithium than direct spending, at the cost of losing control over the outputs.

Originally Posted by humblesheep View Post
100 Lockboxes, (cost 990,000 Dilithium for the keys, exchanging at 88:1) wanted a Jem?Hadar Heavy Escort Carrier. Didnt get it.

Did Get:

Purple Doffs: 3,
Bio Warheads 3 (but only needed 1).

Lobi: 405 (now only need to gring another mil for the jemmy),
8 ship weapons (but none as good as my current Mk xi - on the exchange soon).

Didnt need:
19 doff packs: lots of whites and greens, only three blues in the lot of them (gave all to a L7 character).
7 patrol escorts,
7 purple ground weapons.

Worthless junk:
76 dilithium claims,
and some other stuff that went straight in the recycler.

Back in a couple of months (with another mil),

Not the best return for a million dilithium.