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Since the location of the tribble/corpse/treasure is random each time, the locations on the map above won't always be right. But the 3 locations themselves are always the same.
Thanks! You're right. I've updated my map/posts.

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Is there any specific place that one would need to stand for the "now you C me" accolade? I've tried stopping at each of the force fields and both ends.. nothing pops for me.
Just wait outside the ship til Tasha says something about it being a good ship, it should pop right after that.
I can't seem to get my "Now You C Me" accolade either. I've stopped as soon as I get in the hall (before the cut scene), I've stopped before using each forcefield console, and then after switching off each field. I've stopped at the door, just before boarding the Ent-C. Each stop I've stood there for 2+ mins. Nothing happens.

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