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02-02-2013, 07:51 PM
To be honest anyone that took a word of this as useful feedback when it came from a guy talking about his "return" on a million dilithium in the same post he admits he pitched the Dilithium Mining Claims isn't very bright. If you were remotely interested in return, that's probably the only thing you'd bother keeping. The rest of it is exchange fodder if all you're looking to do is grind up your in-game resources because you want to win at fake monies. And if you're looking to actually get the ship, you'd have kept those so you can convert that Dil into Zen into Keys.

Then again I suppose it shouldn't be surprising that the kind of people silly enough to pay what 100 keys cost are also the kind silly enough to pitch the reward that actually requires them to play the game, I suppose.

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