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# 1 Ground bootcamp - Feedback
02-02-2013, 08:40 PM
I'm not trying to spam this forum or anything, but after each bootcamp session I'll try and make a thread so people can give feedback on how they feel it went.

This time around, I was an...unofficial student, but even so, sitting and listening the first time, and participating more in the 2nd one, I enjoyed it all immensely. I listened in on the 1st Engineering class, and participated in the 2nd Tac class earlier.

In both cases I learnt a considerable deal, more than I really believed possible. I thought I knew a lot of the general stuff about ground, but I got a wake-up call, big time.

Shame I wasn't able to listen in on the sci one at all, but it was an excellent bit of info all around I'd say.
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