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02-02-2013, 11:17 PM
Runing a fully spec tran cluster, its decent but not op, fully spec drop in my rotaion with full tac Alpha + omega it gets high but is not the finisher. Ive seen each mine range from 300-3000( This really depends on what buff/consoles they are running).

If I was a escort it would be pointless to spec this high , also a fully spec cannon scort droping tac alphas would kill much faster. Pls dont nerf another alternative spec, full kin is fun for some and for once has a nitch in this game.

Ps It is a bigger pleasure watching two previously fully buffed normal trans mines crit a shieldless opponent for 2x7k(30km away) , A random mine is the ace in team warfare. WtF was that scottie.
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