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02-02-2013, 10:38 PM
I have to dissent here; it's this episode that really finalized my decision to walk away from the game.

You get the actual actress of a fondly-regarded character and waste her on this? I'm not exactly thrilled to be complicit in sending one of my favorite characters to her demise. It's even stated in the dialogue that her death was meaningless -- but as usual with Star Trek, there's this smug insistence that this is the best possible universe, because heaven forfend anything be mended...even in a game where it would be easy to handwave it.

I liked 'Yesterday's Enterprise' back in the day, because there was always that hope against hope that Tasha might pull through after all and, someday, meet up again with the Enterprise-D and its crew. It was a bit of hope that a character very poorly treated -- outright wasted -- by a poor writing team, in one of the outright worst episodes of the entire franchise, might be able to pull off a sort of roundabout return. Of course, later episodes ruined that (another off-putting factor), but seriously? Don't ask me to become a part of something like that. It was a depressing mission that wasn't even long or involved enough to be immersive. And it seemed much the opposite in fact, with my character presumably not recognizing that something was wrong or even remembering later. That takes me right out of any immersion with a character.

In this attempt at continuing the Star Trek universe, it seems like STO delights in nothing quite so much as depressing once-fans with stories and shock moves of questionable taste.

So goodbye. I'd rather not have every new mission be an exercise in disappointment and what appears to be a sadistic creative team.