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02-02-2013, 10:55 PM
Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
If Elite Fleet Shields proc resistance per shot and not per cycle, then DCs have actually gotten worse.
All nrg has... but you still need to drop shields... which now have multiple passive regens and crit hit recharges.... The point of the DC is to get the same glider effect (in fact you get much more do to the power drain on only 2)... + the KCB proc is almost needed to keep glider dmg at max.

Trust me the build I listed works... 2 turrets + 2 dc... + 125 power glider all the time will strip a facing fleet shields or not... and the quantums will do there work... cycle HY 2 and HY 1 and with doffs keeping them spitting... it makes people very uncomfy... everyone is used to there shields being invinci mode these days... do something that pullls there facings down and they start doing all sorts of very stupid things they wouldn't have done back when they expected that to happen.

Still Cryptic has screwed up the mechanics so bad I pvp in GW 95% of the time these days anyway... so what do I know anyway I guess.
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