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Originally Posted by noah605 View Post
hi.. super noob question.. i just turned rear admiral and i want to get a multi-vector assault ship.

do you have to own an advance escort ship first before getting the multi-vector assault capabilities at the c-store?

or can i just purchase the MVA escort at anytime as long as i have 2500 zen?

the wording on the descriptions are all very confusing. it sounds like i can purchase the ship outright at the c-store. but at ship requisitions it sounds like i just need to aquire a console to have MVA capabilities..

The MVAE is purchasable at any time after you hit Level 40, no need for the Dilithium/token AE. However, the C-Store MVAE and the Dilithium AE have different Bridge Officer layouts, so Cryptic allows you to take the console from the MVAE and use it on the AE (or Mirror Patrol Escort) if you like it's layout instead.