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02-02-2013, 11:27 PM
Originally Posted by wuusta View Post
I have a question about your star cruiser/mirror assault cruiser build. First of all, of those 2 ships which one would you recommend? Has a cruiser build in it, but it also has 'The Spec'. Which one do you recommend I use? And please tell me why. Thanks

-Wuusta (P.S Do you have a Youtube account? I would love to see some of your game play.)

The Mirrorstar spec is designed to work with both the AC, and the Mirrorstarcruiser. As well as a Recluse if need be.

DDIS needs to go back through the thread and put the AC build in there too. The changes are fairly minimal.

The AC just simply loads up 2 Torp spreads with the Recluse's torpedo. 1 TS1, 1 TS2. It runs a HE1, TSS2, with an alternate option for PH and TSS2.