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02-02-2013, 11:49 PM
Originally Posted by mozoha View Post
For the record, if you disconnect the one-crit they all-crit this weapon and all mines will be trash.
How so? In what way would fixing a bug like that suddenly make all mines trash? What do you have to feel that would be the case?

Honestly, if they removed the crit-all bug, I feel it might actually improve mines in a couple different ways:

1. It'd probably remove any chance of mines being considered 'OP' by anyone at all, since the whole crit-all thing is why Tric mines can be such an issue, or at least they were.

2. By removing the crit-bug, it means your mines will each have a chance to crit individually, and would probably mean a general increase in damage with them, because instead of knowing that you will have either no mines crit, or they all do at once, you'd have each mine having it's own chance to crit.

Say you use a Tric mine DPB 3 as they are now.

Pretend they do 20k damage to bare hull with no resists, nothing higher, nothing lower. Say on a crit, each will do 100k.

If you have say...10% chance to crit. Now if you crit the initial launch, great, that's four mines of 100k each. But if you don't, that's only 4 mines of 20k each, and you have to wait 30-60 seconds to do it again.

However, fixing this bug might mean the loss of the super-huge spike damage due to the bug being gone, but you'd most likely see a general increase of damage, because each mine is seperate. Mine 1: 10% chance, Mine 2: 10% chance, Mine 3: 10% chance, Mine 4: 10% chance.

So that means you could do 80k damage with no crits, and 400k if all crit. But you could also do anything in between. Say 3 don't crit, that's 60k, but if the final one does, that is a big 100k still on top of that. In PvE, and PvP, that can still be a tremendous hit.

In turn, you might not be doing as much spike damage, but you would have more consistent damage over time, instead of the current extreme highs and lows. Which from what I can tell, is what Cryptic is wanting these to do.

This whole example is presuming a lot, like they don't get shot down, what kind of resists the person has, whether or not they actually DO hit something, and so on from there.

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