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02-03-2013, 03:05 AM
Originally Posted by hushiforum View Post
I have to dissent here; it's this episode that really finalized my decision to walk away from the game.

You get the actual actress of a fondly-regarded character and waste her on this? I'm not exactly thrilled to be complicit in sending one of my favorite characters to her demise. It's even stated in the dialogue that her death was meaningless -- but as usual with Star Trek, there's this smug insistence that this is the best possible universe, because heaven forfend anything be mended...even in a game where it would be easy to handwave
So goodbye. I'd rather not have every new mission be an exercise in disappointment and what appears to be a sadistic creative team.
Lol u mad coz of a stowwy?

Well kthxbai, can i have all yr stuff?

Kidding aside, it extremely entitled of you to be displeased coz YOU were denied a neat runabout story, not everything can have a happy ending.

Thought the ep was a great addition to sto and a benchmark for future ep!

Hope cryptic can clear this bar for the season 8 FEs!