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02-03-2013, 04:43 AM
Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
Its not really a bug....

Its working as the devs that created the system that no longer work there setup. (its my opinion that it was done to control server lag more then anything) It was never a major problem... mines where never strong enough to insta kill anything. Its more recent that they decided things like tricobalts could have more then one out.

Really the proper fix for trics if crit linking is unfixable for server issues... would have been to undo the tricobalt pattern operation... and they also need to consider that when they create things like cluster mines torps.
I agree with the fact that the system has been design as it is. I mean, reducing damage or defense on any weapons or equipment is truly a bad thing to do. There is a Trible server where the Dev can use to test on anything prior to implementing it.

I totally against "Nerf". It is identical to reducing one's salary or demoting an employee. Rather than Nerf or reducing salary or demotion, you'd get better result by removing the item or firing that employee. Otherwise, more bad things may occur in the future.

As of STO, find the actual technical issue (such as lag), and no Nerf please.