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02-03-2013, 06:19 AM
Originally Posted by humblesheep View Post
I still have the 76 Dilithium Mining Claims, definitely not very bright about Dilithium Mining, tried it once and it was very boring, not sure I have the stomach for doing it another 76 times whatever the return is (someone can tell me if they like), I may give it a go.

Thanks to everyone else for the feedback, I did it because I wanted to know (and, of course, I would have liked the ship) and, lastly, I had nothing better to do with a million dil (I am not trolling, I just have everthing I actually need to enjoy playing the game).
You can get 5000 dilith per claim if you're even remotely good at it.

Or, to put it plainer: You can recover up to 380000 of your costs with those.