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Typical canned ctrl-C/ctrl-V response.

I was told how much my feedback was valued by Cryptic.

I was told STO is a dynamic and evolving community.

I was told if I had further concerns I could take them to the Forum.

So here I am!

Is anybody else out there still stuck with the winter fleet event? Even if I had the 100's of millions of ECs (I do not), there are not even enough winter baubles on the market to finish the event.

So PLEASE Cryptic, keep your word and give us a way to be rid of this impediment. You told us we would have a way to dump the project "near the end or shortly after the winter event", and to "rest assured our fleets would not be stuck with this project."

I would very much like to see the ferasan staff in my fleets base, but as it stand this is currently impossible. Please Devs, live up to your word and resolve this problem.