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OK basically i follow the following rules.

Section 1: DS9 sensor disabling.

Remember to target the work bees first, keep your heals handy to deal with the fighters firepower but kill the work bees as quickly as possible, forget the fighters until the bees are dead. Any weapon enhancements you have use them.

When the attack fighter comes try to engage from the side and keep niggling at it. Any heals/ weapon improvements use em.

Section 2: Dealing with the Anomalies/ Sats/ Derelict ships.

Close to just within scan range of the target, if you foul up and the sat etc explodes you should have enough time to reverse away from the blast using evasive manoeuvres to give you some speed backing off.

When you scan the target look at what the target is, in the target reticule. EG: if its an Active Enemy Detection sat. Quickly look at the engineering menu bottom right of screen.
Gives you a list of options. Example Active Enemy detection is an Ionic scan followed by removing the batteries. Just look for the key words don't get bogged down reading the whole thing cos you have seconds only. Just remember the keywords. EG: ionic then batteries punch them in in order. Or whatever it says. Remain calm don't get spooked.

Section 3: Swarmers.

Fun bit. LOL Best way to deal with swarmers is to back off/ reverse this prevents them (a little) from surrounding you all sides. Twin shuttle beam phasers are good for this, I find. If you are a tac, use fire at will 1 is great for killing them.
When dealing with the main bunch stirred up by Farek hide in the tunnel facing them. Dash out attract a few run back to the tunnel, they will follow you forcing them into a bottle neck making it easier to kill them. Careful though some will hide above the entrance waiting for you to pop out again.

It takes a bit of practice but when you get it, you will feel like a total boss.

I've got 6 toons and ive now perfected the ultimate Gamma shuttle.

Ideal gear:
Take any fighter/ shuttle of your choice. Use any consoles you want but equip the following if you have them.

Point defence console from Thunderchild escort skin. This thing will kill all and any swarmers/ work bees and fighters in several seconds. Let them crowd around you and let rip. All dead, boom 2-3 secs. Must be within 3 km (to be safe) for maximum effect.

Yellowstone runabout engines with the warp plasma. these engines will slow down even stop any enemy including Mogai's and Jem attack ships and BOPS in Vault. It kills swarmers. Fly right into swarmers cloud. Pop plasma, fly in a tight pattern with evasive manoeuvres. Boom deady swarmies!

Fighter only: quad phasers from the Sau Paulo defiant skin. With weapon enhancements in a tac its a lethal combo.

Just remember to allow your console to cool down before using them again if you know you have more difficult section to come.

My actual small craft is Peregrine, quad phasers, Yellowstone plasma engines, Point defence console. Standard the rest.

Avoid: cutting beam, ok against larger targets. Useless against swarmers because it takes to long to target and kill them.

Happy hunting.
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