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Originally Posted by brazilski View Post
Since I can't make any threads on my own, I've to necro this.

I just started playing STO again after I gave it only a very quick look months ago. I played the tutorial and was awarded a Tactical BO, whose looks I would be able to customize after the tutorial.

Now here's the problem, I wanted to pick an Engi BO first, but actually had no choice even though the mission said "Pick your first BO". The Tactical BO was simply assigne to me. Is that something introduced in a new patch? Secondly, I have now finished the tutorial, yet am not asked to modify my BO's appearance. How do I do that?
To change the look of yourself or your officers you need to go to the talor, he is located on esd in the room after Club 47 (beam in, make left, 2nd room on left) the first change is useually free and the rest you need to pay for (in game money [Engenry Credits] erned threw doing missions / mission drops {selling them (right clik >>> sell item)}

As for the First Bo being Giving to u without you able to choose it, im sorry i dont have a anwser for this on, i havent done the tut mission in a long while

Also, bact to the OP

You can also pick officers up on the Exchange for dirt cheep, and good ones (color wise [Green = uncomon, Blue = Rare, Purple = Very Rare) I would stay away from the Purple ones as tehy will be very expencive, but the blues (last time i checked) are around 1000ec and thats easy to get if you sell mission drops

Now to anwser your question about what was my first choice
I chose Sci, and went to the Exchange and bought my other 3 and i got blues, and then i redid there skills (trained them to do different skills) i made my sci a full medic, engineer with the stuff i wanted, a tact, and i got another sci to back up the first)
My Boff Layout, My toon is VA so you will see others {2nd, 3rd and 4th skills, but you get the idea}
and i have NO trouble playing ground like everyone does lol, SPACE SUCKS THO so i didnt bother doing my boff for it