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Acting Captain's Log: Stardate 88079.6

First Officer T'Pal in Temporary command of the U.S.S. Shadow.

It has been three days since Captain Donovan had been returned to the ship, in which he has been under intensive care for both physical and psychological trauma suffered at the hands of an alternate reality counterpart, more frequently referred to as his "Mirror Self". Initially the crew had been on assignment hunting Tholian ships in the Azure Nebula using a Sao Paulo class retrofit with Romulan technology granted to Section 31 by way of Starfleet. It seemed D'Tan, leader of the Mol'Rihan colonization, at the behest of the Reman leader Obisek had granted access to these technologies in an effort to help stop the Tholians from capturing Romulan ships in the nebula.

The U.S.S. Shadow had ambushed a contingent as they were preparing to transport a ship. During the course of battle it was detected by the Chief Science Officer that one of the spacial anomalies had started giving off different readings when suddenly a temporal destroyer bearing the name I.S.S. Morbius (one seemingly identical to the vessel commandeered several months ago) came through and began firing upon the Tholian ships, destroying what it could before the rest could phase out of our reality. Once the last of the ships were gone and the Captain felt the ship was not a direct threat the Morbius hailed us with its own Captain Donovan appearing on the monitor requesting to "come aboard to ask a handsome devil for a favor".

Even at first glance the two Donovans were easily distinguishable as the "mirror" Donovan was missing an eye and marred with various scars. As soon as he had beamed aboard he was greeted with a small security team, a condition to which he agreed given the nature of the vessel and the mission there of. The entire senior staff had been called in on the meeting and with the exception of myself, Chief Medical Officer E'Saul, and Science Lead Sabin, the entire staff were quite shocked at the request of the other Captain. Death. The Captain was seeking an end befitting a "warrior" such as himself, and as far as he'd been concerned that meant either ending things himself or letting a member of his crew do it in an attempt to gain control of the ship, neither of which reasonably were options for him. It was then that he asked the Captain to a one on one contest as a search for a fitting end, a request Captain Donovan unexpectedly put some thought into.

To the relief of those present he refused leaving his counterpart quite angered. As he stood up to leave reached out to shake the Captain's hand, a gesture I find most humans all to comfortable with. While they shook the scarred Donovan quickly attached a small device around The Captain's wrist and both were instantly beamed out. I immediately signaled for battle stations as the senior staff ran to the bridge. Having knowledge from our own time spent field testing the temporal destroyer I ordered all fire directed at the temporal drives to disable the craft from escaping to another time or universe. While the I.S.S. Morbius was able to get shields up the strain on the power was enough to keep them from making the jump.

Instead the ship moved into evasive maneuvers and began counter offense in an attempt to disable our ship rather than destroy, a move which prompted me to open hailing frequencies. As predicted an alternate to Commander Keating came on screen to negotiate a cease fire. It would appear that the Vulcans aboard were still subservient to the newly reformed Terran Empire though as my own alternate was wearing a uniform a little more revealing than I would prefer the crew to see, case in point I had to close the mouth of the helmsman for him.

We discussed our options and seemed at a standstill, while "Mirror" Keating was opposed to the idea their captain had given strict orders to neither depart nor to destroy us. It would seem that in some small way their Captain had a sense of honor that bought us enough time to use what we knew about the vessel to disable it. After communications were closed the senior staff organized in the operations room and brought up the schematics for the ship, something that would give us the element of surprise if needed. I had an armed security team dispatched to the transporter room if the opportunity arose. Mr. Sabin and Edison had found a few leads as to how the Ship could get the Captain back.

The I.S.S. Morbius had been quiet for far too long and for the situation at hand that was entirely unacceptable. With the request made of him and the knowledge of the "Mirror" Universe we had no doubt that either our Captain Donovan was being forced into one on one combat to the death, or he was being tortured until he gave in. It was the only logical reason a ship with the clear tactical advantage would refrain from outright eliminating any possible threat from our ship. After some deliberation with the senior staff it was decided that we would in turn create our opportunity to strike.

Returning to the bridge I ordered battle stations and red alert. The U.S.S. Shadow with little warning, shifted forward cloaking suddenly, a move our counterparts could not have predicted though unexpectedly as we began charging weapons we were struck suddenly by a low power chroniton beam. With out shields it was a direct shot to the engines, unexpectedly slowing the ship even though the beam wasn't enough to damage them. Clearly the alternate Keating was showing off, something our own Commander is known to do as well making the next move even more of a surprise. Even though we had been slowed we were facing and that was all we needed. I ordered full power to weapons decloaking the ship as we unleashed a full burst of everything we could minus power to life support and transport systems.

Following the initial barrage I had all power diverted to shields and structural integrity, if I were what the Captain refers to as "the gambling type" I would have bet that as mad as their Keating was he would not dare break the orders of his captain and following such, each of our major offensive and defensive systems were taken off line. Repair teams were issued as need be to get any systems online, but from that moment on all we had to do was wait. It took but moments before the explosion hit, something the Morbius crew did not see coming. One of the problems encountered in the crews time spent testing our temporal destroyer was that it utilized a high energy shield emitters and there fore theoretically possible with enough force to open a 0.02 second window as the shields cycle power to compensate. A window just big enough for opportunity as some of the Human crew would say.

The security team had beamed over in that single instant and began an assault on the ship. Taking what would be the mess hall and holding position, accessing any and all data they had on Captain Donovan's whereabouts as well as disable any systems before they were locked out, a task easily countered from the bridge which is why a less detectable option along a carrier wave in the transport beam. Coordinates were sent from the team to Crewman Wraith, who thanks to his unique cellular structure, would easily slip through the ship unnoticed delivering a small explosive device in the ships computer core. We might be underpowered against the future vessel but if it's computer systems were taken offline than every function would need to been done manually costing the I.S.S. Morbius a considerable amount of time. During the countdown Wraith would be required to traverse the distance from the computer core to where ever they kept the Captain, during the momentary blackout before backup generators activate would give the rescue party enough time to be beamed out.

It was at the time of the second explosion from the computer core that another threat arose in the form of another Tholian attack force. Slowly they emerged from an anomaly forming a few kilometers off starboard. As planned the teams returned, Wraith and Captain Donovan being rerouted directly to sickbay. I ordered evasive maneuvers as did the Morbius. Most of our systems were still down including weapons and shields, the Morbius' systems were in an unknown status with out the primary computer system which would make defense difficult if not impossible. We received a hail from the alternate Captain Donovan who even with the missing eye and scarring had been clearly irate. He began giving orders for how best to use both ships to fight off the Tholians.

The logic behind his orders were solid as well as the tactics. Neither ship would be able to fend for themselves with out the other, and using the Shadows computer as a relay for the Morbius' weapons and defenses we would be able to act as one to fight superior numbers. It is not often I break etiquette but I interrupted the alternate Donovan to simply reply "I apologize Captain, for the interruption, but my responsibility is to the crew of this ship not yours. Hopefully the Tholians will be able to give you what you failed to get from Captain Donovan." With that I closed the channel and activated the only system undamaged in the attack: the cloak. It occurred to me as the Tholians took the I.S.S. Morbius that it might be in fact, the same ship found months ago as it had no records or future knowledge in it's newly repaired computer systems. We are currently traveling under cloak back to Mol'Rihan for full repairs, all readings and reports will be sent upon arrival.

Computer: end transmission.

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