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02-03-2013, 09:08 AM
Originally Posted by brazilski View Post
Thanks for the help on the tailoring. Not being able to pick a BO in the tutorial remains weird though. They must have changed it since the game was first released.
hmm, maybe they did change it then, also i see you found a workaround to the screenshot button (the one that doesnt take a shot of the userinterface), but there is a better one that will get the hud too, try /screenshot_ui (iirc) it will give you a screenshot of the whole screen with the user interface, or even hit print screen and open paint and press edit >>> paste

just as of curisty, did it let you talk to the other officers that were in that room?
cuz you talk to them then ask them to join (iirc) it looks like you only talked to the tact guy (first guy) and maybe didnt hit back or something, i would check this out but im at work atm, sorry