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Originally Posted by broken1981 View Post
yes the weps do matter but no so much the purple consoles. doffs do help. the problem is the bug ship has an rsp. the defaint has epts 1 2. the jem has better sheilds and turn rate the defiant has less on all accounts. if the jem loses its sheilds can rsp, if that fails can tss 2 if that fails there is 3 sdo. less see defaint sheilds break tss2, that fails 3 sdo, that fails well hello respwn timer.

if the defiant was able to use cloak under combat that would actually help it alot more. then you would actually get to use better spike damage, not wast a console slot and actually slot the cloak console. i care less that jem has 4 engy consoles. most go 2 neut consoles , other morons go 4. i fly my bug with no armor consoles. my engy lay out most times is 2 mk12 purple rcs ,tact converter borg console. sci is sheild emiter, tact is 4 tact phaser consoles and zero point. if i tryed that layout in my defiant it would be pure death.
the greater turn rate of the JHAS is an advantage only in a 1vs1 scenario... in a many vs many scenario the bug ships is disadvantaged by its worse shields. In a 1 vs 2 scenario I win only if the 2 opponents do not collaborate... else my better turn rate is useless.
Moreover there are several way to have an instant boost to your turn rate: deuterium surplus, evasive maneuvers (+ purple conn officers), AtD, a pair of APO... You can also use TBR... and you are helped by a better shields system...

I also think that in a pvp build you need only a few basic consoles: neutronium alloy, one RCS (or the console from the temporal set), a shield emitter ad the appropriate tactical consoles. The others console generally are (IMHO) a waste.

Originally Posted by starcommando101 View Post
Sir you are giving reasons WHY the Bug is an overpowered ship instead, of arguing otherwise...
I tried to tell something very different:

JHAS and FTER have a very similar shield modifier... 0.99 is not so far from 1, but the FTER has 2 science console so can have greater and better shield. That is IMHO an advantage in a many vs many, the typical pvp scenario, more than having a better turn rate... simply because in a many vs many scenario probably you will be targeted by several ships at the same time.
Also the hull it points is very similar, even if the JHAS has a bit more hull, the difference is less than the DPS of one of my unbuffered DHC.

I think that the real difference between the two ships is the ensign tactical station of the FTER... I simply think it's a waste, so all in all is not the JHAS overpowered but the FTER underpowered in pvp (but much better in pve).

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