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02-03-2013, 09:05 AM
It is a possibility. But seeing that their timeline is getting erased anyway: Why not beam them aboard at the same time if the only objective here is to prevent them from traveling into the past?

While not totally discarding the possibility, I think that the option of alternate T'Nae travelling into the past as well is more likely. Which opens a LOT of questions:
  • Did she survive the battle at Narendra III?
  • Was she taken prisoner as well?
  • Did she survive imprisonment?
  • What did she do afterwards?
  • Did she survive the destruction of Romulus?
  • Where is she now?

This list can be continued even further, she could have offspring like Tasha as well. And if the latter is the case we could be in for a huge surprise in the future, just as Picard was surprised as he met Sela the first time.

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