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Originally Posted by zorbane View Post
Just played contamination! Fun mission. Great maps especially! It's something I hope to be able to do one day.
Thanks. I appreciate the compliment and comments. Most of what I learned is from Starbase UGC and playing other folks missions. I enjoy figuring out how to make things happen and how to build the maps.

Originally Posted by zorbane View Post
Only thing I didn't like about it was how my captain seemed to know a lot about Earth. In game he's a random alien I made that I thought looked nice. Doubt he'd know much about Earth history or lingo.
This is an interesting point and I am glad you brought it up. I've seen similar comments on many missions, and as an author it is a little frustrating. First, I think the assumption that an alien player would not be familiar with Earth history or lingo is not necessarily a given. Perhaps that character is like Picard and loves history, or language, or cultural aspects of other races. In my authoring of a mission I try to treat the player's character as an intelligent and well rounded Captain. I understand player immersion in a character but an author cannot possibly write a story with dialogue that will address every alien race or speaking style.

That brings me to my second point. I feel if an author writes a mission that the player's dialogue is so generic that it could apply to any alien race it would quite frankly be boring. When I write a mission I want the player to become immersed in the story. In my Klingon mission I wrote the story with the player threatening an Orion NPC using a derogatory remark towards the Orion. The comment I got was "My character is Orion and I felt weird using the insult on a fellow Orion". I actually changed the dialogue slightly to remove the language. Another in game comment I received for the Contamination mission was "My character is a Vulcan and would never use contractions". My actual audio response when I read it was "Really".

I think in the end every author must decide how to write their stories. I chose to draw the player in and try to make them an integral part of the story. That is my style, but I am always open to feedback and suggestions on how to improve my authoring.

Originally Posted by zorbane View Post
Also in the ...alien base...when you're scanning the bottom of the room I was using a Klingon tricorder
Same when detonating the armoy
Wow! Great catch! I went in this morning and looked at the tricorder types that are in that mission. It never occurred to me that the two "Tricorder Scan" animations were for different factions. I have updated those animations and updated the mission in the game. For other authors out there, if you did not know this already, the first "Tricorder Scan" animation is Federation, and the second one is Klingon.

Thanks Zorbane for all of the feedback. I appreciate it
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