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Originally Posted by ccarmichael07 View Post
One can assume from design lineage, that the Ambassador should be closer in strength and power to the Galaxy, than it is to the Excelsior. The Ambassador was obviously meant to succeed the Excelsior, so it stands to reason the designers and engineers wouldn't build the ship to merely equal the Excelsior, much less be less powerful. That would be a waste, given the size increase from the Excelsior lineage to the Ambassador lineage.
I would reason that since we saw so many more Excelsiors in TNG and DS9, that the Ambassador actually wasn't as successful of a design than the Excelsior. It was probably more like the "DeLorean" of starships: designed to be iconic, but the actual ship is a dismal failure despite having a fancy name attached to it. Also it's fame is largely due to one instance of time travel.

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